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Specialized Division in the Management of Products from leading OEMs in Offshore and Onshore sectors. We stand out for providing high-quality and reliable solutions for various industries.


Our mission is to connect our customers with the most innovative and efficient products on the market, ensuring comprehensive service tailored to their specific needs.

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More than just valves; WeValve is our division that provides comprehensive solutions for Fluid Management. In our portfolio, you'll find a wide range of products for critical sectors such as Water, Energy, Oil & Gas, and Petrochemicals.


From valves to filters and control instrumentation, we ensure efficiency and reliability in fluid management for our clients, offering solutions tailored to their specific needs in each sector.

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Maquinaria industrial

Specialized division in supplying spare parts and components in the MRO sector (Maintenance, Repair, and Operations), where we focus on offering parts from leading brands to meet the needs of our end-users.


With our commitment to quality and efficiency, we provide solutions that ensure optimal equipment performance and operational continuity.

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